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Skyroam Hotspot gets you unlimited 3G/4G data around the world.

keep all your favorite gadgets connected without the headache of unlocking phones, swapping SIMs or worrying about data usage. Skyroam Hotspot provides the fastest worldwide coverage, a secure connection and a flexible pay-as-you-go model so you only use data when you need it.

What Our Customers Say

"It's fantastic! After renting multiple mobile hotspots at the same time to stay connected via multi-continent trips, this is a breath of fresh air." - Brendan L.

"The BEST way to avoid all of those outrageous roaming cell data fees! Skyroam worked great and solved my communication problems without costing a fortune." - Sara B.

"Great experience! Easy set-up, quick connection, multiple devices, good size for travel and light weight." - Jason H.